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Track Modding / Re: Instance Rollout 3dsmax
« on: November 19, 2014, 05:42:32 pm »
Tangent Basis is never used.

Normals  are related  with  light.
 If a wall have  one smooth group the  light  react  like a  rounded stone. You need to add more smooth groups. Top faces and side faces  and when export need to set  MAX normals.

To use Gmotor normals   you need  to  detach faces to a elements (like rf1). WE have more points  but   gain  performance.

So for closed  objects (like walls, fences)  is better use  Gmotor normals.

2 / 3D kerbs using MMtools
« on: November 09, 2014, 10:27:23 am »
I use my tool to speed up things.

1- Select the object piece (3d kerb) in MMtools and press "Pick length from line" the tool calculate the number of pieces needed to create the Clone array.

2- Create the clone kerbs array ( drag the object piece using SHiFT).

3- Collapse all pieces using the Collapse tool (in Hammer tab).

4. Add RESET XForm to kerbs array and collapse stack. Very important

5. Set the pivot in the right position.

6. in MMtools press "pick line" in "Path deform" group and press "ADD PATHDEFORM".

7. Adjust the percent in PAthdeform paremeters 0% or 100% depends where you put the pivot. Optionally you can use the "Scale from line" to adjust the percent parameter to fit the line.

8. If need to rotate can use "Angle from Pts", Select two points in road edge and the script calculate the angle and apply to pathdeform.



3 / MMtools pack
« on: September 28, 2014, 07:05:28 pm »

The SplineTrackMaker allows you to create tracks in 3ds max using Splines Shapes.
Splines shapes in 3ds max are vector lines that use mathematical calculations to generate the curves and lines. In this way we can modeling more organic less rigid than the meshes.

The script importGEO can import geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) on the World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS84) datum.
The coordinates are in decimal format (40.446195, -79.948862, 100.4)  Altitude is in meters.
File type KML, CSV and GPX.
Download and install

Download and  more info page :

1- Open 3ds MAX ( make sure you always run 3dsMAX as administrator).
2- Go to MAXScript menu and select "Run Script" and chose "SplineTrackmaker_XXX.mzp" file.
3- Go to “customize user interface” chose menu or toolbar tab.
In Category select “MMtools” and drag "trackmaker" and "PointTools" into a menu or toolbar (Can create your custom toolbar or menu).

Import GEO are located in: “utilities” tab (hammer) –> MAXscripts->Utilities

This script needs a register file to work. To receive the register file I ask a small donation.
After you install and try to open you get a window with your MachineID send this (with spaces) to to receive instructions to activate.

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