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Track Modding / Research and development
« on: November 24, 2014, 01:40:21 pm »
Research and development

Now that you have some basic files setup, you can move on to designing and constructing some artwork. I’ve heard that in order to do projects like this from start to finish you have to be able to write you manifesto on it, or it will seem half baked. I like to think that all you need is your imagination and… a ton of pictures.

Photos and Videos
Photos are important for any project to establish the "look" of the track. Unless you have some comprehensive vision for the track, or a ton of pictures, it will probably just look like a plain piece of road and not be very interesting. You’ll need pictures of the track - and lots of them too. For modern renditions of popular tracks it’s simple to find pics. Searching on Google Pictures or you're favorite web search engine is the best way to find pics of races. Look for the track name, or a race series that features the track and you should find something. If the pictures search isn't panning out, try a normal web search and look for track picture galleries of the specific location or venue.

Keep it organized
Once I have a bunch, I make folders for them and label them something like "Turn 1" and "Pits". Once I fill up all the folders so they cover all angle of the venue I know I have a good chance of fully fleshing out the track. Before I even attempt to make a track I make sure all my bases are covered picture wise. I've had to scrap many projects due to not having enough photos.

The Rare Stuff
Certain temporary tracks, ones that are less popular and ones that no longer exist are harder to find pictures for, no matter how hard you search the internet. In these cases I’ve had to contact people that live near the venues and go take pictures for me. You might also be able to contact the track owner and they may be able to help. For a historic track you might need to find some one who lives close to the location with connections to archives that have old photos you can get.

Missing Details
If you can’t find everything you need, you will have to decide if you can fudge it enough to do the track justice. in this case you might have to use a bit of artistic license. For many tracks especially very long ones I haven't had photos of every section, and actually had to use overhead maps, aerial photos and topographical maps to figure out what the scenery looked like. Photos of the scenery around a track are also useful for filling in details that are missing.

Google maps and Google Earth are a good place to look for satellite images of the track, which can be helpful for roughing out the basic details. You tube and Google videos are a good place to look for needed videos that can help flesh out details close to the track, that you cant reliably find in the typical 'car focused' race pics you tend to find online.

Videos are also a reliable resource for fleshing out a track and getting its "look" correct. Google Videos and Youtube are good places to search for full-lap in-car videos, which I prefer. These sites only have low-res videos, so you may have to order a DVD if you are serious about getting good footage. I like to capture
images of parts of the videos, like of bridges, for quick reference. These are often more useful than having a large library of photos.
This is a good place to look for general track info;

The Layout
You will need a good top down 2D map to accurately model the track. Google Maps is a good place to start looking for aerial photos of a track. If you know the precise location or address, you can get a detailed overhead view of the track or road, and use it as a layout map for the track, surrounding structures and scenery.

Blue prints are the best source for making a track layout, but are rare. Certain tracks have blue prints floating around that you can use for you're layout. You usually have to have some kind of connection with the track owners to obtain them.

GPS Data
GPS data is somewhat useful for roughing out a layout, but it shouldn't be the only source you use. It only updates at 1 meter accuracy, so it’s not accurate enough to be used alone. Look in the Elevations Section for more info on getting this data
After you have the layout map composed, you can set it as the background image in the 3D editor you are using, Scale it as appropriate and model the track around it.

Track Scale
After you find the layout map, you need to get you're track scaled as close to perfect as possible. Getting this done accurately is a little tricky. You will either need a map with the scale on it and size the track so it matches, or know the exact track length and use the method below.

30 MPH Timed lap
First, Drive you're track at a constant speed of 30 MPH, timing the lap and then divide this time by 2, then take the length of the real track and it by the divided time to get the ratio you use to resize the track in Max. You can just as easily do the test in KPH, if you prefer.
If the track is 2.5 miles long in real life, and it takes you 4.5 minutes to drive a 30 MPH lap around the layout you've made;
1) Lap time divided by 2: (4.5 / 2 = 2.25)
2) Real track's length divided by you’re track's length; (2.5 / 2.25 = 1.11)
3) You can now enter this number (+100, or 101.11) as the new Offset:World Scale (right click on the scale icon on the main toolbar) for the track, in Max.
Note: If you’re elevations are very inaccurate, or you haven't added any, these calculations could be off by a considerable amount.

Fixing scale for conversions
Some tracks will be in the wrong scale units when you try converting them and everything will be drastically too big or small in game. Here are 2 unit conversions for tracks that are either in Meters or Inches.
1) Mesh too small compared to desired result (meters to inches); rescale world units by a factor of 39.36 or uniform scale 3937.008
2) Mesh too big (inches to meters): Selection Uniform scale 2.540

Track Elevation
Most tracks aren't flat as a pancake, so it’s critical to nail you're elevation changes. Elevation is very hard to get perfect due to limited sources for accurate data. Here are some reliable resources.

Topographical maps
These aren’t very accurate but can be useful if you are making a non-permanent track and don’t have a GPS readout. You will need some map reading skill to make the most of this recourse.
Here’s a site for Topographical maps of the US

Obtaining elevations from images can be subjective, due to camera lens distortion (which makes hills look extra steep or flat). They are good for getting the feel for where hills start and peak and fleshing out smaller bumps that Topo’s and GPS might miss, but aren't reliable for the actual height.
I like using videos for rally tracks, since they have very uneven roads.

GPS readouts
This is the best way to acquire a track’s elevation. Unfortunately, due to the way civilian GPS devices reduce elevation fidelity, you will still have to fine tune them using videos or driver feedback to get them perfect and there will be areas where the track is off by a meter or so.
Here’s a website that hosts GPS readouts of some US race tracks

After you download it and install Traqview, you need to process raw GPS data.

Track Modding / CAM File Definition
« on: November 24, 2014, 12:43:12 pm »
CAM File Definition

This file contains all coordinates and setting for the track cameras used in track cam view. The official rFactor AIW and Cam editor by ISI can be used to design a camera set, but it is undocumented and I have yet to get my head completelt around it, so refer to the Camera Guide later in the tutorial for further details on camera setup.

TrackingCam=TRACKING001 //Camera's name, can be given a description by adding // after the name, ie; TrackingCam=TRACKING001 // Turn One

Position=( 15.987, -5.0000, 2.361901) //Where the camera is located on the track. There are some conversions needed if you are acquiring coordinates from outside of rF;
1) Swap the Y and Z axises
2) Reverse the direction of the numbers, so they are negative of their real direction I.E.; ( 15.987, -5.0000, 2.361901) is changed to: ( -15.987, 5.0000, -2.361901)

Orientation=(-.04778, 1.87228, 0.00000) //The starting direction of the camera, static cams will always be at this angle.
Explanation of Orientation
(Pitch – up/down, Rotation – left/right, Yaw – lean left and right)
Rotate right -
Rotate left +
NE 7
N 6.33
NW 5.54
W 4.75
SW 3.875
S 3SE 2.33
E 1.66
.3 + 22 degrees
5 degrees of pitch = 0.1

Fov=( 55, 45) //refers to the 'field of view' of the lens used by the camera. High numbers make a wide angle, "zoomed out" view and small numbers make a tight angle "zoomed in" view. The second number is used for track side cameras with zoom capability and measures the zoomed in maximum angle. (Also see Flags1 to activate setting)

3D Studio MAX Camera Type FOV Conversion
Camera15mm = FOV (100.389, 75.292)
Camera20mm = FOV (83.974, 62.981)
Camera24mm = FOV (73.740, 55.305)
Camera28mm = FOV (65.470, 49.103)
Camera35mm = FOV (54.432, 40.824)
Camera50mm = FOV (39.598, 29.698)
Camera85mm = FOV (23.913, 17.935)
Camera135mm = FOV (15.189, 11.392)
Camera200mm = FOV (10.286, 7.714)

Color=( 0, 0, 0) //Adds color balance to the view using an RGB value
ClipPlanes=( .5, 2000) //How far away from the car the scene will be rendered. The area outside this radius will be culled (clipped).
LODMultiplier=( 10) //The greater the number, the less objects will LOD. This can be used to get better frame rate performance if the camera is causing slowdowns.
Size=( 1, 1)
Center=( .5, .5)
MipmapLODBias=( 0) //Adjusts the Mipmap value of objects. Lower numbers make surfaces appear sharper, and higher makes them blurrier. This setting can be used to get better frame rate performance if the camera is causing FPS slowdowns.

Flags - //These are used to turn off special camera types like chase, zoom and shake
Flags1=(0) // It can be set to; (1) for an automatic zoom camera; The min and max for the zoom is controlled by the 2 numbers in the FOV. It can also be set to; (2) for chase camera and; (4) for shake. I suspect that the numbers can be added together to make a camera that zooms and shakes, or any other combination.
Flags2=( 0) //Not sure what this one does
ActivationLocation=( 0.000, 0.000, 0.000) //The point where the camera will be switched - usually close to the camera, but it can also be 10-20 meters up the track before the camera, for better activation performance in fast sections.
ActivationRadius=( 100) //The distance from the ActivationLocation that the camera will be used till its switch to another camera
TrackingRate=( 0) //Used with tracking cams, if tracking rate is zero, cam will perfectly track the target, otherwise the number represents the camera’s speed at which it tracks the target, with values ranging from 1-100. Lower tracking rates will make the camera lag behind the target, and act more like a real camera operator. a rate of 100 will literally stop the camera, so its always pointing in the default direction stated under Orientation

Chase Camera Settings
Flags1=(2) //This flag switches on the Chase camera. The MovementPath moves along a path that you plot with ControlPoints. I haven’t tested this feature yet.
MovementRate=( 0) //Used with Chase Cams. The movement rate of the camera will be the target’s speed, multiplied by the movement rate (ideal numbers are from .5 to 1.5).
MovementPath //A special path used for a chase cam - it will follow this path as the car passes by the activation point, if it uses Flags1=( 2)

ControlPoint=(-122.194839, -2.448173, -154.186981)
ControlPoint=(-103.182999, -3.735965, -138.260880)
ControlPoint=(-84.171158, -5.023757, -122.334770)
ControlPoint=(-65.159309, -6.311549, -106.408669)
ControlPoint=(-46.147469, -7.599341, -90.482559)
ControlPoint=(-27.135624, -8.887134, -74.556450)
ControlPoint=(-46.147476, -7.600338, -90.482849)
ControlPoint=(-46.148510, -7.601526, -90.483040)
ControlPoint=(-46.149754, -7.604987, -90.484306)

Shake Camera Settings
Flags1=(4) //Makes the camera shake when a car passes by.

Groups=1 //Up to four trackside camera groups can be made, by adding this line and assigning each group a number, 1=group 1, 2=group 2, 4=group 3, 8=group 4
PositionOffset=(2.000,0.000, 0.000) //Position offset to avoid perfectly - centered cameras. "(<x>,<y>,<z>)" will apply a world-space offset to the target.
ListenerPos=(2.000,0.000, 0.000) //These two are for microphone location and volume multipliers (the latter is probably more useful if you just need more volume for cameras far away from the track).

Developer's Diary / 05-11-2014 - Zandvoort 2014 WIP
« on: November 05, 2014, 06:51:24 pm »
Some more news...

Now working to get a good texture for blend grass with dirt near kerbs from scratch as usual...


Developer's Diary / Re: 27-10-2014 - Zandvoort 2014 WIP
« on: November 01, 2014, 04:59:44 pm »
Hi Nuno, & hi all  ..thought I'd pop up & say hello rather than registering/downloading/then logging off..!

Will post back when I've done a couple of laps, & thanks for sharing Nuno  :)

Thank you Tony ;)

Sims Content / Build 880 of rFactor 2 as been released by ISI
« on: October 31, 2014, 11:22:48 am »
ISI as released a new build of rFactor 2 that solves problem with grass shaders and much more...

You can download all in our download section.

Build Notes:
Lightened up shadows by artificially boosting ambient light level.
Fixed terrain shader specularity issue.
Fixed wet surface reflections.

Removed requirement for "_x64" to be added to 64-bit plugins. It's no longer a problem because they are in a separate directory. However, it still might be useful to for humans to identify which is which.
Added a new default method for assigning pit/garage spots in multiplayer which keeps them more consistent over a weekend. This new default method can be disabled by changing the multiplayer.json value "Assign Parking" to false (at which point it will revert to using the traditional team-based pit/garage assignments).

In the AIW editor, made the Ctrl-Shift(-Alt) keys easier to move the car when paused: 1) it now follows the terrain, and 2) rotating the car with the 4 and 6 numpad keys doesn't simultaneously rotate the swingman camera.
Modmgr now automatically saves/loads separate profiles for each install.

Fixes not included in build Notes:
Version 1.879

Fixed a very minor memory leak.

#ifdefing out more flash UI tendrils.

AI: smoothed out the corner widening associated with rcd parameter UnderSteerEffectOnLineThreshold trigger as well as with rear grip lose. Made the rate of "corner widening" relative either to the car's lateral velocity or lateral

position relative to current waypoint direction.

Version 1.875

Fix problem seeing steering wheel in rear look under certain conditions.

minor change to const char ptr to comform to gM2 API updates

Allow replays to run without the correct version of a scene or vehicle, but only after checking for the correct one first.

disabled virtual vehicle multiplayer transfer for release build

enabled virtual vehicles to be selected in multiplayer, with that information being propagated to server then to all clients.

Version 1.873

Some code to help with blurry rims.

Fixed issue where driver body sometimes appears while rear-looking.

Version 1.869
Added log message and assert if there are no collidable triangles in SCN, which isn't really handled.
Added proper fix for unexpected behavior - not sure what of
fixes to new pit/garage assigment code
fixed AI tire drag calculation
Made new pit/garage assignment work with driver changes (probably needs testing).
Added a new default method for assigning pit/garage spots in multiplayer which keeps them more consistent over a weekend. This new default method can be disabled by changing the multiplayer.json value "Assign Parking" to false (at which point it will revert to using the traditional team-based pit/garage assignments).

Version 1.865
Lock in demo mod when using creating a new plr file with the +demo CLI parameter set.
Changed things for weather and a few random fixes
More work-in-progress scoring plugin interface.
TTool: in the Realtime section, removed the somewhat-useless 'Width' and added the somewhat-useful 'Dynamic Unloaded Radius'.
Work-in-progress scoring plugin
moved version numbers for vehicles tree list down to the individual cars instead of the class headers
dev mode AIW editor fix for moving path on last waypoint of pit lane
New contact patch model is mentioned in notes, not sure if it went into 880 - will ask.

Version 1.861
Added additional options for the RFM variable 'FinishUnderCaution' to allow the finish to be delayed up to 3x. Previous options were off, 1x, or infinite.
Slightly better AI bumpstop damping.
Deal with some uninitialized data in old TGMs that is now actually used.
Most of new tire contact patch code added. Should be backwards-compatible (i.e. no changes to existing tires, needs new +ttool analysis to activate). Does *not* currently react correctly to changes in pressure/temperature/rotation/camber. - again not sure if in 880 - will ask.
Pace cars now look for a path called "PACECAR" to drive, otherwise defaults to fastest path. Fixed a possible game freeze using the AIW editor "move & Match" waypoint by waypoint manipulation function. Fixed a bug in AI logic that could result in cars taking high speed corners a bit too fast and wide.
fixed crash when scrolling mouse wheel in empty console
Added callback/lambda function for a procedure to be defined and called when a server service module (in this case skin transfers) has completed an procedure regardless if successful.
Minor fixes to prevent crash when exiting from "rF2 already running" condition
Slightly improved the data put into the dump file (when enabled), which increases its size roughly 3x.

Sims Content / Re: Zandvoort v0.85 for rFactor 2
« on: October 29, 2014, 11:04:51 pm »
I also get a error message when trying to download, it says "This download is not approved yet and you do not have permission to view it."
Hope u guys find a solution, since I was really excited for this track.

Problem Solved  ;D

Try now  8)

Sims Content / Re: Zandvoort v0.85 for rFactor 2
« on: October 28, 2014, 06:14:10 pm »
File says it has 0 downloads and I'm not approved to download?

What happens when you try to download?

Support / Re: Why Can't I download?
« on: October 28, 2014, 06:13:47 pm »
Try it now please. What happens when you try to download?

Developer's Diary / 27-10-2014 - Zandvoort 2014 WIP
« on: October 27, 2014, 12:53:44 pm »
Development and my self-learning did not stop...

I've been working in get some gravel texture that look like the old one in far distance but looking much better in close distance.

Here's the result right now,

Even probably not being the final result I hope you like guys


Sims Content / ISI release São Paulo for rFactor 2
« on: October 24, 2014, 11:53:18 pm »
What a better way to start our weekend :). Great quality provided by ISI in association with Reiza.

You can download this amazing track here

Located between two lakes and originally intended as a housing development, the São Paulo circuit opened in the 1940s after the a stock market crash halted construction on the intended development.

It has hosted national and international championships ever since, with a major redesign and shortening after 1980, it has become a classic venue, famous for dramatic and often unexpected results. Rain affected races are common, adding to the excitement of this flowing and fast circuit.


Our São Paulo release has a single GP configuration. The track has two DRS zones.

2013 São Paulo GP – 2.68 mile roadcourse
A lap of São Paulo really begins exiting the final turn, where a good exit is essential for the flat out run towards the first turn of the lap. Heavy braking towards the apex of turn one, you swoop left, right, then accelerate around the following left-hand curve onto another straight. Heavy braking again for a left, followed by a widening left, then another straight heading back towards the paddock.

You now enter a swooping right into a braking zone for a sharper right, very easy to lose control or run wide to the left side of the track. You then turn to the left, accelerating up a short straight before braking heavily for a tight right, swooping left, short straight, then the all-important final turn leading onto the high speed start/finish section.

Sims Content / Re: Zandvoort v0.85 for rFactor 2
« on: October 24, 2014, 04:21:56 pm »
 ;D Thank you dude  ;)

Hardware / NVIDIA Rolls Out GeForce 344.48 WHQL Game Ready Driver
« on: October 23, 2014, 06:05:56 pm »
NVIDIA rolled out the GeForce 344.48 WHQL "Game Ready" drivers, timed to launch with Civilization: Beyond Earth, Elite: Dangerous, and Lords of the Fallen.

These drivers enable Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR), which debuted on the "Maxwell" based GeForce GTX 900 series, on all older "Fermi" and "Kepler" based GeForce GTX 500, GTX 600, and GTX 700 series GPUs.
GeForce Game Ready Driver
New in GeForce Game Ready Drivers

The new GeForce Game Ready driver, release 344.48 WHQL, allows GeForce owners to continue to have the ultimate gaming experience. This driver brings support for Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) to Kepler and Fermi desktop GPUs. In addition, this Game Ready WHQL driver ensures you'll have the best possible gaming experience for the latest new blockbuster titles including Lords of the Fallen, Civilization: Beyond Earth, and Elite: Dangerous.

Game Ready
Best gaming experience for Lords of the Fallen, Civilization: Beyond Earth, and Elite: Dangerous

Gaming Technology
Supports Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) on Kepler and Fermi-based desktop GPUs

Click here to download

Sims Content / Nissan Primera BTCC by Patrik Marek
« on: October 23, 2014, 05:52:13 pm »
Patrik Marek as been working in Nissan Primera BTCC for Assetto Corsa.

We can see in the screenshots an amazing quality and effort applied on that.

Nissan Primera BTCC Specs
Built atSR20DE Inline-4
Displacement1998 cc / 121.93 in³
Power220 kw / 295.0 bhp @ 8300 rpm
Specific output147.65 bhp per litre
Bhp/weight302.56 bhp per tonne
Torque265 nm / 195.5 ft lbs @ 8000 rpm
Body / frameUnitary Steel Monocoque w/Carbon Fiber Doors & Hood, Roll Cage
Driven wheelsRWD
Front brakesVentilated Discs
Rear brakesVentilated Discs
F suspensionMulti-Link
R suspensionMulti-Link
Curb weight975 kg / 2150 lbs
Wheelbase2610 mm / 102.8 in
Front track1500 mm / 59.1 in
Rear track1514 mm / 59.6 in
Length4450 mm / 175.2 in
Width1730 mm / 68.1 in
Height1290 mm / 50.8 in
Transmission1290 mm / 50.8 in

Sims Content / Nordschleife Tourist by DJCruicky & Tosch - Update
« on: October 23, 2014, 03:39:31 pm »
DJCruicky & Tosch are merging they efforts to bring us the complete Green Hell experience. Thanks to mianiak that give them his permission to merge his Nurburgring with the existent Nordschleife we are close to see the miracle happens...
Originally Posted by Tosch
Two worlds collide. BIG THANKS to mianiak for allowing us to use this fantastic track and DJC who is the driving force on this project (and does most of the work)!
...and ISI for this great Sim. I still can't believe that it is possible to merge these two tracks (unoptimized) and there is almost no noticeable drop in performance (with a single car, 30 AI might be a different story ).

Originally Posted by DJCruicky
lol, Thanks all .
Sorry for the lack of posts. Happy to say I'm still working on it, making slow, but good progress.
A lot of the time has been used up trying to fix the Z-flicking problems. I never found a solution other than having to move objects away from each other or they flicker in and out of each other from a distance. It's now much improved but some objects it's not possible to fix.

I reshaped turn 2 to match that of the 24 hour layout on the GP track.
I've added a few of Pleclairs trees to the GP track replacing some of the ones there.
Have not got round to touching the last remaining kerb stones on nords.

Tosch has made more progress with 24 hour layout AIW file.
New fastest path, new block path, new left/right paths.
I'm so happy he doing it and not me
60 garage spots, he managed to fit 2 cars in each of the 30 garages; 1 left, 1 right. but double that again if you don't mind the cars parked infront of each other. There will be 30 Pit spots total.

The tourist layout is just the same as before 40 garages, 20 pit spots.

Sims Content / Re: Zandvoort v0.85 for rFactor 2
« on: October 22, 2014, 05:42:20 pm »
Don't forget the give me your feedback guys ;)

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