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Author Topic: ISI release São Paulo for rFactor 2  (Read 4527 times)

Nuno Lourenço

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ISI release São Paulo for rFactor 2
« on: October 24, 2014, 11:53:18 pm »
What a better way to start our weekend :). Great quality provided by ISI in association with Reiza.

You can download this amazing track here

Located between two lakes and originally intended as a housing development, the São Paulo circuit opened in the 1940s after the a stock market crash halted construction on the intended development.

It has hosted national and international championships ever since, with a major redesign and shortening after 1980, it has become a classic venue, famous for dramatic and often unexpected results. Rain affected races are common, adding to the excitement of this flowing and fast circuit.


Our São Paulo release has a single GP configuration. The track has two DRS zones.

2013 São Paulo GP – 2.68 mile roadcourse
A lap of São Paulo really begins exiting the final turn, where a good exit is essential for the flat out run towards the first turn of the lap. Heavy braking towards the apex of turn one, you swoop left, right, then accelerate around the following left-hand curve onto another straight. Heavy braking again for a left, followed by a widening left, then another straight heading back towards the paddock.

You now enter a swooping right into a braking zone for a sharper right, very easy to lose control or run wide to the left side of the track. You then turn to the left, accelerating up a short straight before braking heavily for a tight right, swooping left, short straight, then the all-important final turn leading onto the high speed start/finish section.
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